System Features

Worship Planing

  • Provides worship planners with a powerful, web-based framework which saves time and can help make them more effective planners
  • Shows all of the church's services and events in an easy-to-navigate calendar
  • Allows attaching of files to services (like service notes, musical arrangment guides, etc.), sermons, and songs
  • Allows you to use templates or copy services items from the past when building services
  • Supports drag and drop ordering of service items to make building and tweaking your service orders easier
  • Supports assigning headings to mark different sercions of the service (like "Praise Time")
  • Plan music, dramas, video clips, scripture reading, liturgy, and other any other type of element for a service
  • Auto-calculate the length of the service based on the elements you are using
  • Write notes for audio, video, singers & musicians on each service item

Search Functions

  • Provides and effective searching engine for finding songs, participants, and other service items

Scheduling of Participants

  • Allows each service item to be assigned to a user or a team
  • Allows users to include service orders in their reminders
  • See at a glance who has been reminded, who has responded, and the people for whom you are awaiting a response
  • Look back in the past and see the order of service and individual elements scheduled that week

Sharing & Communication

  • Makes service information for past, present, and future available to people in your church or the public
  • Presents quick links when users first log in to the week's upcoming services
  • Access From Anywhere - Each user has their own permissions and can login from any internet-connected device.
  • Quickly email some or all people assigned to any service plan
  • Frequent new features are included with your subscription and popup notifications alert you of what's new with links to details on our blog

File Management

  • Content Library for non-song worship content (sermons, readings, dramas, etc.)
  • Files Library for managing all files uploaded to your account

Music & Media

  • Provides song lyrics and chord charts to team members to help prepare them for services
  • Individual and collaborative virtual song book building
  • View history of when song was performed
  • Attach files and links to any song
  • Select from a library of more than 1000 songs and hymns

General Features

  • Centralized plans are accessible from virtually anywhere
  • You create/manage accounts for your team(s)
  • Various access levels can be set for accounts
  • Runs in most current web browsers, so no software to install
  • Start planning your first services in minutes
  • Support via phone, email, and website
  • Constantly updating site with new enhancements and features

Program Evaluation

  • Write down what did and what didn’t work in your worship services; discuss those issues with your worship leaders in order to improve the quality of your worship programs

Mobile Features

  • Works on most mobile browsers
  • Respond to assignments
  • Access service details
  • Find contact info of participants

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"The worship organizing website,, has been a great blessing to our church. It allows all worship leaders to know what is going to happen and what is needed to make the worship service run smoothly. I would highly recommend this software to any church that is wanting to improve its communication between the worship team members.

- Rodney Mills, Senior Pastor


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