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Plan Worship Services - Organize services in advance the way you want them and leave very little to chance. It's not just for the benefit of the upcoming schedule. You can also easily look back in the past and see the order of service and individual elements scheduled that week.


Schedule Participants - so they know exactly what they’re supposed to do, when, and where. Send email notifications, reminding people of upcoming responsibilities. See at a glance who has been reminded, who has responded, and the people for whom you are awaiting a response.


Catalog Songs - manage a growing library of songs and related media to be accessible at any time for any worship service. Provide song lyrics and chord charts to team members to help prepare them for upcoming services.


Share Documents - store important files in a central repository so they are available to people with proper access rights. No matter what file type, Word, Excel, PDF, MP3, or JPG, they are all available to any internet-connected device.


Evaluate Your Programs - write down what did and what didn’t work in your worship services; discuss those issues with your worship leaders in order to improve the quality of your worship programs.

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"The worship organizing website,, has been a great blessing to our church. It allows all worship leaders to know what is going to happen and what is needed to make the worship service run smoothly. I would highly recommend this software to any church that is wanting to improve its communication between the worship team members.

- Rodney Mills, Senior Pastor


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